Our History

Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC) was born out of the desire to mobilize, connect and inspire a generation for medical missions and over the last 20 years, it has done just that. Started in Louisville, Kentucky by South East Christian Church (SECC), GMHC has over the years been an annual meeting point for over three thousand Christian missionaries and medical practitioners from around the world, who are making an impact on global health.

Life in Abundance International (LIA) in partnership with SECC and the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Kenya (CMDA-Kenya) felt GMHC needed to be replicated in Africa to meet an immense need for shared learning and connection for those working tirelessly to affect global health and missions in Africa. Global Missions Health Conference-Africa, the first of its kind in Africa held its inaugural conference in 2013 at KICC in Nairobi, Kenya. Since then GMHC-Africa became an annual conference, bringing together hundreds of medical practitioners, development workers, missionaries and church leaders from across the continent and around the world.

Our Vision

Global Missions Health Conference-Africa exists to serve as a platform for shared learning, networking, and a celebration of the wonderful work done in health and development missions across the nations, with a special emphasis on Africa.

In addition, GMHC-Africa works to ensure that we grow together in partnership and love to cultivate African leadership, the African Church and professionals within the church in a concerted effort to restore both physical and spiritual health, renew hope and inspire lasting transformation for the most vulnerable in Africa, and indeed around the world.

Why Attend?

Whether you are a social worker, a pastor, a nurse, a doctor or simply someone that has a heart for the continent of Africa, GMHC-Africa is a place to network and learn from experts and professionals in the field of healthcare, development, and missions. Join us for this jam-packed three-day affair and be inspired, that together, we can advance the kingdom of God and welcome a new dawn for the continent of Africa.